IV International Serge Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition

IV International Serge Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition

IV International Serge Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition

December 4th — 12th, 2011


General conditions:

IV International Serge Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition will be held in December 4th — 12th 2011, in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The contest is open to double bass players at the age up to 35, — born after December 1976th.

Registration procedure:

All participants interested in entering the contest should send the application forms, duly completed, plus the documents required below to the following address:

St.Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire

Teatralnaya sq., 3, 190 000 St.Petersburg, Russia.

(IV International Serge Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition)

E-mail: bassacademysak@rambler.ru

Website: www.bassacademy.ru

To register, the following documents must be supplied:

Photocopy of the National identity card or Passport

Curriculum Vitae

One colour photograph. This photograph may also be submitted via email in the form of a jpeg or tiff format

Programs of the each tour

All the documents should be received by the Organizing Committee not later than October 1, 2011.

Prizes of the Competition

First Prize — Roubles 200 000 (euro 5.000)

Second Prize — Roubles 100 000 (euro 2.500)

Third Prize — Roubles 50 000 (euro 1.250)

Two diplomas — Roubles 20.000 each (euro 500)

Three diplomas for the best accompanists of the competition — Roubles 10.000 each

There will be special prizes from sponsors.

The Contest Organizes will provide a pianist for contestants free of charge. One 60-minutes rehearsal session before each Round will be permitted. Contestants may bring an accompanist at their own expense. If a contestant brings his/her own pianist he/she has to note it in the application form.

Foreign competitors will be responsible for obtaining their passports and visas. They must apply for their visas at a Russian Consulate upon receiving a formal invitation to the competition from the Organizing committee.

Citizens of Russian Federation and CIS must pay an application fee of Roubles 3.000. Foreign competitors must pay an application fee of Roubles 4.500. In case of non-participation, documents and application fees will not be returned to the competitor.

The order of the Competition

The competition consists of four Rounds. The Final round will be accompanied by the orchestra. All works to be played during the contest must be played by heart. The tuning of double bass is optional.

All Rounds will be open to the public. Lots will be drawn to determine the order in which the contestants will perform. That order will be remaining up to the end of the competition.

Jury has the right to:

1. not to award all prizes;

2. to divide awards among competitors;

3. to award diplomas and special prizes

All laureates of the competition must play free of charge in the closing concert.

The Contest Organizers has an exclusive right to all photography, audio and video recordings of competition performances, with following release of CDs and DVDs.


1.Koblyakov Alexandr (Moscow, Russia), Composer, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory, Dean of the composer faculty

2.Kolosov Eugene (Moscow, Russia), Honoured Arts Worker of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory

3. Shilo Alexander (St.Petersburg, Russia), Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, Associate professor of the St.Petersburg Conservatoire

4. Levinson Eugene (New-York, USA), principal double bassist of the New York Philharmonic and teaches at the Juilliard School.

5. Hoоck Christina (Salzburg, Austria), professor for double bass at the Mozarteum University

6. Ibragimov Rinat (London, Great Britain), Principal double bass the London Symphony Orchestra, Professor for double bass at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama

7. Barbe Thierry (Paris, France), is principal bass of the orchestra of the Paris National Opera and professor of double bass at the National Superior Conservatory of Music of Paris.

8. Rotaru Catalin (USA), School of Music — Arizona State University


I Round

1. One of the following double bass concertos, on a competitor’s choice (I-II movements):

J. Vanhal. Concerto in D-major

K. Dittersdorf. Concerto in D-major

D. Dragonetti. Concerto

W. A. Mozart. Concerto for bassoon (version for double bass)

F. Simandl. Concerto

F. A. Hoffmeister. Concerto No.1 or No.3

J. M. Sperger. Any concerto

2. One of the following double-bass solo pieces, on a competitor’s choice:

J. F. Zbinden. “Hommage a J.S.Bach”

W. Jentzsch. Sonata

J. Levitin. Sonata

J. Francaix. Theme and Variations

H. Friba. Suite im alten Stil (Allemande and Gigue)

T. Hauta-aho. Cadenza

L. Schleg. Sonata “Slutskie Pismena”

A. Egilsson. “European Memories”

D. Ellis. Sonata

H.Henze. Serenade

E.Tabakov. Motives

P. Vasks. “Bass Trip”

3. One of the following Bottesini’s virtuoso pieces:

Allegro di Concerto “alla Mendelssohn”

Elegie D-Dur (№ 1) and Tarantella in a-Moll

Elegie e-Moll (№ 2) and Allegretto capriccio

Fantasies on the themes of Bellini’s operas: “Lucia di Lammermoor”,

“Beatrice di Tenda”, “La Sommnambula”

Variations on a Paisiello’s opera theme “A Beautiful Miller’s Wife”

Capriccio di bravura

Introductione e gavotta in A

Carnival of Venice

II Round

1. One of the following sonatas, on a competitor’s choice:

J. Brahms. Sonata for cello E-minor (version for double bass)

F. Zhurbin. Sonata

A. Koblyakov. Sonata

L. Kupkovich. Sonata “In Memory of O. Badila”

A. Mischek. Sonata No.1 or No.2

F. Proto. Sonata 1963

C. Franck. Sonata for violin (version for double bass)

R. Fuhs. Sonata

P. Hindemith. Sonata

F. Schubert. Sonata “Arpeggione”

2. Obligatory piece:

special piece, which will be sent to the participant after receiving of application,

the not later than August 31st, 2011.
3. Piece on a competitor’s choice:
R. Gliere. Intermezzo and Tarantella or Prelude and Scherzo

III Round

1.One of the following concertos for double bass and orchestra, arranged for double bass and piano, on a competitor’s choice:

S. Lansen. Concerto

V. Mortary. Concerto (for F. Petracchi)

F. Proto. Carmen-Fantasy

N. Rota. Concert Divertimento

S. Sankey. Carmen Suite

E. Tubin. Concerto

F. Fonten. Concerto

J. Francaix. Concerto

A. Tchaikovsky. Symphony-Concerto

A. Eshpy. Concerto

I. Vorobyev. Concerto

A. Koblyakov. Concerto

2.Obligatory work:

Koussevitzky. 4 pieces ( Andante, Waltz-Miniature, Chanson triste, Humoresque)

IV Round (with orchestra)

S. Koussevitzky. Concerto for double bass and orchestra